With so many different types of cars around San Andreas, it's quite a task to find them all. If you have a car that is not currently in our inventory, we would gladly welcome photographic submissions for it. We do have some guidelines, however. First, we prefer pictures taken during daylight, in clear weather (i.e. no rain/fog). Second, we prefer a uniform look to all pictures. This can be achieved by photographing your car in the Unity Station parking lot (the location of the Cesar Vialpando's lowrider challenge) against the short western wall. Please make sure the car is undamaged and has closed doors. We prefer a high-contrast car color to stand out against the light background (if you have a car with a standard color like either of the cabs, we prefer that the car be that standard color). For cars with 2 external colors (i.e. Banshee, Bullet, Tampa, Clover), please make both colors distinguishable from each other and from the background. For each picture, make sure the entire vehicle is in view. We require 4 photographs - front, driver's side, back, and above (with car facing downwards). The first 3 should be taken with the camera, with the screencapture taken from the "Do you wish to save this photograph?" prompt (press L1 to take a picture for your scrapbook. You do not have to save the picture). The fourth picture can be taken by entering the vehicle and changing the perspective. Please take this picture in the Unity Station parking lot (or a similar looking lot). If possible, save and send the pictures uncompressed in a bitmap format (*.BMP), uneditied. Pictures accepted to Cars of Grand Theft Auto will be creditied to their respective source, if such a source is provided via email. After submission, pictures become the property of Cars of Grand Theft Auto. If you have a car you'd like to submit, feel free to email it to us.

We're also looking for information on each car. If you have a good place to find a car (especially if it's permanently parked), email us the location. If you notice an error on our site and would like to correct it, dont hesitate to tell us.

Currently, our most desired cars include: Euros, Hotknife, and Hotring Racer.

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