Car name: Bullet

Description: High-end sports car. Very fast.

Unique features: Visible rear engine, dual exhaust,
front hood scoop

Looks like: Ford GT-40/Ford GT

Probable locations: The Strip, Las Venturas. Parked at the Northwest Burger Shot in San Fierro and down the road from Shady Industries' fuel tanks (underneath the sign that says "Harry Plums Wholesale Fruit Fine Juicy Pears") in Doherty. Thanks to "Tuscan" and "Epidemik" for the parked locations (respectively).

Similar Cars:

Can you mod it? Yes, you can. Modifiable at TransFender.

Can you export it? No, you can't.

Can you import it? Yes you can. Importable after 10 cars are exported on board 3.

Other comments: Parked outside driving school if you get all silvers in driving school tests. Pictures taken are custom colors. Bullet that spawns outside the Burger Shot has the vanity license plate "Chunky."

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